Discord and Matrix

https://reality.trungnt2910.com/matrix if you prefer Matrix.

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Bridging matrix users without their explicit consent is against the TOS of discord.

But then, why even use matrix if you are just going to bridge it to discord.

Because some users have no access to Discord. Discord is a proprietary platform that randomly ban users without chance of recover.


You want someone else to facilitate ban evasion for you…?

I did nothing that deserved ban. Just registered for first time and get banned. Discord is trash.


So why do you want to use a service you consider trash. I don‘t get that.

In any case, discords reasons for banning are „legit“ they don‘t have to sign up any users for whatever reasons they desire. Even if it‘s just plain random.

Because some communities such as Serenity are accessible only by Discord.


Here we are again, shitty proprietary walled-garden platforms and open-source communities, trying to fit together what is a totally different ideology and lifestyle and such.
Thanks for mentioning Serenity, that’s a quite cool project, I actually used to contribute there, but their communication channels are shit.
Besides proprietary Discord and proprietary M$ Github, there’s no way to reach out to them, the maintainer even ignored my email that contained a patchset for building the thing on various OSes again after they made changes.
I guess it’s still broken.

Bridging to Discord is never a viable choice, however.
I deleted my Discord account because this platform is plain evil and spyware, and I don’t want my messages that I send somewhere else to end up there.
More background info in terms of spyware: Discord — Spyware Watchdog

Discord must be replaced by something that is free software, just like the project the community is about (open-source and proprietary shit is never a good fit!) and as many people as possible need to show to the maintainers that Discord is in no way acceptable.
Looking at alternatives, Revolt is quite interesting, seems to be a pretty accurate clone of Discord, but as free software and for self-hosting: https://revolt.chat

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Maybe, I’ll add this then:

By joining Project Reality, you agree that your messages and other activity on Discord may be bridged to and from other chatrooms owned by @trungnt2910 and other Project Admins.

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The problem is, in matrix, the protocol, you can‘t forbid people from joining unless it is invite only. so if anyone joins who did not see this it is broken again.

In addition to this not satisfing the idea of explicit (informed) consent.

That‘s a bit like the old IBM joke
„by accepting this brick through your window you accept to be liable for any damages“

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