Disappointed with Haiku


I have no idea why people insist on feeding trolls, but here we are with a bag of cookies and a glass of milk inviting them over.


Did you try the Beta 1 by now?
People should try the beta 1 to help finding glitches…


I know it’s a little late to be replying to this, but I only just read this topic, I’ve been offline for a while…

^ Completely agreed on that, waddlesplash. To be perfectly honest, if I were an administrator of this forum, I’d have temporarily muted or banned any user after their first post of that kind (depending on the severity of the offense, of course). My overall opinion is this: if any user wants to post anywhere in this forum, it should be required that they read the rules first, and perhaps be required to accept them like one would for a software license agreement. (The term “software license agreement” may or may not be taboo around here, but I’m saying it anyway.)


Or at least have a simple notice upon signing up that this is not a Windows/Mac/Linux forum. Ad hominem attacks are seen as counterproductive and are not tolerated like they are in other communities.


Actually calling some effort “childish” is anything else but an insult, it’s a statement. You can debate if it “applies” and is “valid” but it’s anything else but an insult. Today too many people make lack-luster efforts and get jumpy as soon as somebody (in a valid way) calls it bad as it is.

Now I don’t think Haiku is bad in any way. It just sets the wrong focus/goals, which may be the reason some people consider the effort “childish”. It’s also not the fastest moving project on earth but that’s not a defect by itself. What I want to say here is only that some people (also in here) need to understand that how they see their project and how it “feels” from the “outside” are two totally different things. If you don’t like critical response then do not leave your home. Sorry to say it that “direct” but that’s the way it is… especially nowadays.


I feel this worth repeating:

I amend that to say perhaps we collectively need more sleep.

You apparently missed some of the conversation. It’s not your fault. This thread has grown well past any coherent usefulness. If “childish” were the threshold for ad hominem attacks, we’d see alot more folks around the community a lot less often. This case was quite a bit more severe than childish. It’s been a long, drawn out, and relatively recently profane tirade.


And I wonder why anyone found the need to wake it up again…
/me hums a lullaby in the hope nobody answers this rhetorical question.


Apologies, I just wanted to chip in my two cents (to use an American phrase) even though the thread was older. I’ll stop now.


source please


Haiku is awesome, and I appreciate the people who volunteer their time to make it possible. I’m looking at the nightly releases, and have built the OS from source, wondering how I can also contribute.


Welcome rjzak!

Odd choice of thread… :slight_smile:

See the Community and Getting Involved pages.


I have no idea why you think Haiku has the wrong focus, or where that focus should shift to, but it is a great and well designed desktop single user OS and it excels in that functionality. Please don’t fuck it up with server multi head multi user system sharing nonsense.


Wouldn’t it be better if old threads would be locked after some time, let’s say after 2 months of inactivity or something like that. If someone really has a good reason to refer to an old thread they can always link to it.


Agreed. I think this topic has run its course. More grievances and flamebait can be posted in a new thread… :slight_smile: