Disabling components ( silicon_image_3112 )

Hello, Toshiba L30, need to disable silicon_image_3112
In /boot/system/settings/packages:
Packages haiku-r1~beta3_hrev55736-1 {
BlockedEntries {
– seems to be ignored.

What am I doing wrong?

And, when the system is upgraded, must I edit package name every time?


Enter you problem into the bug tracker

Haiku (haiku-os.org)

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Thanks, done #17519


I think you want ‘Package’ rather than ‘Packages’ and I’m not sure about specifying the revision - try just ‘Package haiku’…

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Maybe there’s no need to do that when there is no bug :slight_smile:


It’s my typo in post. Actually, thats is “Package”. I’ve also tried with the short name – haiku.

OK, then I guess if possible get a syslog and attach to the ticket:


Not sure I will see any syslog before hard disk init…

Hang on, you’re trying to disable a SATA controller but not the one the disk is attached to?

Actually, probably you should create a bugreport not about the disabling of packages, but about needing to disable this driver in the first place if it’s not working. I guess that’s what lelldorin meant?

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You can enable on-screen logs and take pictures as the boot proceeds, if nothing else works. It is not the most convenient way, but sometimes it’s the only way to get the info out.

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Sure! sil (or bios; disabling “Using of BIOS” in loader does not help) is known to be buggy in this notebook (Toshiba L30-134); I’ve seen that on linux there is some workaround (so linux works). Disabling it manually makes Haiku work without any noticeable problem.

OK, then do what @PulkoMandy suggests - he’s an actual developer (I just noticed a problem with the blacklist entry :slight_smile: )

It runs into
(with disabled paging even) in loop…
Will try to take video, but not sure that will help

Actually, I think there is no reason to fix BIOS bug aging 2008; but disabling system component well… somehow should work!

What was I able to see is:

Did not find any bootable partition (and that is expectable!)
Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land…
peripph_check_capacity: TERM: Setting trim support to disable

No one wants to disable any hardware without a problem, so it is more something for a bug report as a forum discussion.

Do you boot/install from hdd or usb?

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I’ve installed by writing image from linux partition (to linux’s swap area, and then - via Installer – to the destination partition). So I boot only from HDD. (and was not able to install from CD because found no way to disable sil)

Managed to get syslog of plain system – without any attempt to disable SIL – here:

Could you please look at my log in the prev message? There ought to be a HDD at SIL, but it is not detected. There is almost nothing I can change in BIOS, btw.