directly on the NotBook HD

How to install the HAIKO Operating System but I want to install it directly on the NotBook HD. I don’t want to start with a pendrive or CD. How to do it I tried several ways but I can’t. It is the same as Linux, I appreciate any help

What is your partition layout?

Welcome to the community. At first, please take a look at our quite detailed installation guide, which you can find here Installation Guide | Haiku Project . Especially important is the part that explains the partitioning of the target disk. If you have any further questions or problems feel free to ask :wink:

Friend, good morning.
I want to install HAIKU but I want it to start booting without (not with a Pendrive or CD) the help of a pendriver or CD, I want it installed on the HD and that it starts from Boot without a pendriver or CD on the machine, is it possible? How to make?

Can you boot the installer from cd or pendrive?

yes, you can start and use Haiku directly from your HDD. The bootman (boot manager) often has to be installed.

Just look at the installation instructions, they are always the same no matter how you install.

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I start with the pendriver, but I want to install it on the hard drive so I no longer use the pendriver. How can I solve this?

why? ​​​​​​​​

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JCarlos, you can follow the instructions in the link posted by @bluesky and choose to install Haiku to the hard disk. You need to take care with creating partitions and formatting them, and also to configure the bootloader at the end.

JCarlos, basta seguir as instruções do link postado pelo @bluesky, e escolher para instalar Haiku no HD. Você tem que tomar cuidado com criar as partições do tipo correto, e formatar elas, e também configurar o bootloader no final para carregar o Haiku.

Are you using another operating system in this computer, or you can wipe it and install only Haiku ?

Você está usando outro sistema operacional neste computador, ou você pode apagar tudo e instalar somente o Haiku ?

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because you don’t necessarily always only have haiku on your computer.

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Have you read the Haiku installation instructions?

Installing Haiku | Haiku Project (

Alternatively you can look at my old tutorilal:

Haiku installation - BeSly Haiku only

That seems to be more an edge case, having a BIOS system and only one disk and wanting to install severall OS to a netbook

I also use this. I feel like a lot of Haiku users are tech-savvy and want to use multiple operating systems. I find it most helpful for troubleshooting.

Even with one OS I like using the Haiku boot manager. Even if it’s only up for 5 seconds. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t function on GPT formatted disks. )-:

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I am new to IT
I want to clean the HD and install HAIKU only on it, but I don’t want to boot from a pendrive or CD. This link from our friend Bluesky, following him, can I record on HD?
I just want it on my laptop, my laptop is an old HP Cmpaq 6710b HD 500Gb and 4Gb memory.

I would recommend booting from a usb drive. I know you said you didn’t want to.

Other options are to dd an image, or use a virtual machine with a link to a physical disk. Do you have a drive adapter and another computer?

When you boot from the thumb drive, you will get an option to format the drive and install. Then you wont need the thumb drive anymore.

We don’t support installing from a differrnt OS, one option would be to take out the disk connect it to a computer and expose it to a virtual machine on whixh the haiku installer runs.

But unless you are well versed in tech I would not recomend it, probably easier to get a 4GB thumb drive to install it.


The bootloader supports booting different Haiku installs without needing bootmam. For efi systems you can use rEFInd

That´s great. We were all new at some point :wink: We´re going to help you to get Haiku installed on your machine. But you need to follow instructions and report back what is and what is not working.

Alright, I get that. But you need to boot the install media either from a pen drive or a CD. Just to run the installation on your hard disk.
The basic process is like this:

  1. Download the Haiku image from the website
  2. Copy the downloaded image to a USB drive or burn it on a CD
  3. Boot from the newly created install media
  4. Set your language and keyboard layout and choose “Install Haiku”
  5. Partition your disk
  6. Start the actual installation
  7. Reboot the computer and enjoy your new Haiku installation

Well, that was the short form. The details are explained in our wonderful install guide that I already linked to. I strongly encourage you to read it :wink:

I like the bootman because it can boot other operating systems as well. Also it’s a good place to have a little delay so you know exactly when to press SHIFT if you need to boot into safe mode.

When you ask something, you should provide as much information as possible.

  1. what options do you have for installing (usb, cd, dvd…)
  2. How do you start haiku now?
  3. Have you already tested the laptop with Haiku, is it compatible?