Did any of you use JEdit?

I didn’t check if it’s available on the Depot or not, but I mostly installed it from the Java based installer. I have one trick to share with you:

You should install the liberation fonts from the Depot and set JEdit’s TextArea font to Liberation Mono 16 and changed the Anti Aliased from subpixel HRGB to Standard. It make the fonts prettier to lookt at. At least it worked for me :wink:

Here you can check what is available: https://depot.haiku-os.org

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Didn’t have JEdit. Could it appropriate for me to ask for inclusion of JEdit on HaikuPorts? Since JEdit would be in binary form already (jar archive). I think it’s OK because Haiku also have Netbeans, which I think also in binary form (os independence zip archive).

I added an issue to include JEdit in haikuports: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/5137

You can try to create a recipe, it isn’t that hard.







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I already read the document. But I’m not confident.

What about a screenshot of JEdit with a source file opened? It’s the most important part of a code editor but you didn’t show it.



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Thank you for your patient. But I asked about the screenshot of JEdit displaying a source file, the source file could be in any programming languages you used, I only want to see how well it renders the text. Your screenshot above is of an empty buffer. Thanks.

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Jedit was working long time ago, but not many people used it.

Your font is as bad as me. You could apply the trick on my first post: install liberation fonts from the Depot and change JEdit’s TextArea font to Liberation Mono, size 16 (it’s under Global Options…). You would see a big different.

This was Jedit 4.1…




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This is pretty old. Why don’t you switch to the latest 5.5 stable? BTW, I prefer the tango icon than the classic one you are using, though.

I will close this issue because I’m now know more about the Haiku’s file hier than before. I have no problem of installing it from the jar installer into my home dir. The haikuports people already have too many jobs to do, I don’t want to add more not really important jobs to them. BTW, I will unwatch this thread since my purpose is to share my trick about choosing the best looking font for text on JEdit (liberation mono) is already accomplished. Hope this trick helped all of you.