Diamond Girl

Does anyone know the developer of Diamond Girl? This is one of my favorite games which I can’t play anymore as it only runs in full screen and gives me a black screen. A new copy would make sense, but I can’t find any source code, let alone the developer.

The name of the developer is: Jarko Nikkanen

You can get the game from our repository server: https://software.besly.de

Not sure if it’s the same, but did you check this? GitHub - Peanhua/diamond-girl: Single player puzzle game

No, thanks i never see it. Will take a look.

No mention from Jarko Nikkanen there in the source it seems though, also nothing found regarding BeOS …
PS, there’s also RocknDiamonds :slight_smile:

I know it, but to smal to see and too much functions for me.

Diamond Girl is working on Haiku 32Bit Hrev 56112 and 56184.


Ok then it sounds like a problem with my graphic card and not a global one.