DHCP with Telekom Speedport 4 not working

Dear All,
still new to Haiku and trying to wrap my head around the concept. Coming to my issue:
Connecting my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad R61i to the Network Router Telekom Speedport 4 thru WIFI works, I can see data is constantly transmitted. It does not, however, get an IP address and everything else assigned from the router. The NetworkStatus forever shows “Configuring…”
I was partly successful by entering the IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS-Servers (as found on the router for that machine) manually and can ping other local machines in the network, but not getting onto the Internet.
DHCP assignment on that machine works fine out of Linux.
I suppose it is a negotiation issue between Haiku and the router. Anyone any ideas on that, any success stories?

Please open a bugreport at dev.haiku-os.org and attach a syslog (copy of the content of /boot/system/var/log/syslog).

Wished I could! All I’m getting is a question whether I’m human when I try to create a login. The login from here doesn’t seem to work. Password hell!
What is next for me to do?

I guess the next step is to ask @kallisti5 if it’s possible to relax the checks for spambots a little. They are currently efficient at blocking spambots, but also at blocking humans…

It seems most of the spambots have no trouble solving the captcha so I’m not even sure why we bother keeping that running. But then the other spam detection methods also seem to have false alarms as well.

The Spambot question was: What is the name of the operating system?
I tried haiku, HAIKU and Haiku
I understand that you need to protect the forums against spambots, but by all means, if it prevents humans from entering it will effectively prevent me from becoming an adopter and user of HAIKU. Not sure if this is the right way.

And how can I reach out to @kallisti5 ?
I neither see an option to forward this thread to him nor on how to compose a message only to him.

Since he was tagged here, he got a notification email. This should be enough, I think.

To be clear, this (no additional letters, spaces, or numbers) is the correct answer.

Those probably aren’t spambots but humans manually defeating the captcha. If you look in the spam filter logs, there’s a lot that doesn’t get through.

Bots and “artificial intelligence” have been better than humans at solving that type of captcha for a few months to a year at least, now. This is not anymore a good way to filter out spammers. But neither are the other tools we have, because the spammers use chatgpt or similar to generate reasonable responses that are good enough to fool a spam filter system.

Guys, I tried again and got over the Haiku text question, only to be presented now with this: “Trac thinks your submission might be Spam. To prove otherwise please provide a response to the following.” and a completely unreadable image captcha. Sorry guys, I’m giving up and deleting HAIKU from my hard drive.
I did some research on the syslog and I think I know what’s going on and had been willing to work with you, but I’m absolutely p****d by the registration procedure. This is for sure driving well meaning people away.
And for that matter, I had no problems registering up for this board here. Why isn’t it working the same way for the bug tracker? Why another login for the bug tracker at all? It doesn’t make any sense.

There is a work in progress to unify the login system between all the tools, but it needs some web software development, which isn’t our best skill here (we are mainly C++ coders).

I think I can manually make you an account on the bugtracker, if you’d like.

The forums have a very different spam-filtering system which seems to work much better than the one for the bug tracker; it’s much more sophisticated and seems to place less burden on both users and moderators. Occasionally things get through it, or it causes issues for users, but much less often, it seems, than for the bugtracker.

Thank you, very much appreciated. What information do you need to create my account?

Send me a private message (here on the forums) with your email address.

Hi and thank you. I have no idea on how to send you a private message here, I can’t seem to find any options to do so. Never mind, I can share my email address here: marcusdaheim@gmail.com

For next time… you should be able to simply click on a user’s avatar, and a “popup” should appear with some info regarding that user, and a “Message” button on the right side should be visible.

I get the popup but there is no “Message” button. Maybe I’m lacking the privileges.

Try with a lower MTU in Haiku or check what MTU is reported in another OS.

Network Preferences doesn’t allow me to set the MTU, there is no control for that. Is there any other way to manually set the MTU. Syslog seems to indicate that it is a timeout issue and maybe a lower MTU will help.

I am a bit rusty, but there should be command line tools like ipconfig or similar.