Development of Haiku

Are there people working on Haiku in Sydney, Australia in an office building or something?

That’s a very specific question (Sydney office building). Does Melbourne light industrial building count?

There’s a few:

Andy (scientist)
Dani (computer scientist?)
Johnny (electrical engineer)

Good coders and ppl. Don’t think they’re in an office tower though. Don’t know contacts as they are FOSS enthusiasts who value privacy/anonymity.

But the BeOS/Haiku horde are out there, waiting for the Year of the Haiku Desktop :slight_smile:

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Can you change the topic please, i think every one open this discussion found nothing DirectX about development.

Oh fuck!

I really was hoping to be in touch with these people, do they have Github account or something, anything at all? Even Facebook?

Most of the main Haiku developers hiding behind strange names, called “nicks”. It is a privacy thing, you know, and while the Haiku devs used it first, today every hardcore hacker using it too instead of their real name.

The developers using hidden deepweb git servers, called deephub and accessible only trough tor. It is because microsoft bought github, and the developers got angry, that they doesn’t bought Haiku too.

So you have to get a WGA card to connect to the Haiku devs, sorry, but this is mandatory. You can find WGA cards in the local trift-shop. Be careful with the compatibility!

Have fun.


And even then communication is made quite difficult by the fact that all developers are specially trained kangaroos and koala bears, that’s why they are indeed located in Australia (not to be confused with Austria) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Downunder devs can jump over big problems, and debug programs while snoozing for hours.

So the Haiku kernel should be named “skippy”, and the logo contain “gum leaves” in recognition of their fine work. :slight_smile:

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I this a real response or are you kidding? and whats a WGA card?

Wankers GUI Association :wink:

Yep, absolutely.
WGA card is a powerful, hardware based hacker tool. It is like the bitcoin miner ASIC, but developed specifically to hack systems.

  1. So does this mean the source won’t be accessable to the public anymore?

  2. Does this mean you can’t contribute unless you have a WGA card etc…?

Haiku could move to GitLab like Redox did

You can see all the Haiku Code at (click Haiku, then the Tree tab).

He’s just joking :upside_down_face:, the source isn’t going private any time soon. (Hopefully :wink:)

You may not have noticed that miqlas is not part of the Haiku core development team. And apparently his trolling skills are too subtle?!

He does a great job at haikuports, however!

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Be careful, i got a WGA2 card, you cant hide anymore.