Determine version/release of VMwareAddons?

The repo README says 1.2.0. (BTW, should probably not include the version in the readme otherwise you’ll have to change it all the time - git tags and GitHub releases help here.)

The HaikuDepot app when running Haiku says 1.2.0-4.

The online Haiku Depot server says 1.2.1-2.

The crash I reported with 1.2.1 has been closed as fixed, but I have no idea if it has been released AND made its way into the online updating system so I can safely update without crashing. Because the repo isn’t tagged with a changelog, it’s hard to know what’s what.

Does anyone know the state of this or a way to find out?


Indeed, fixed.

Current version is 1.2.1-2 was pushed to the repo here.
You probably need to refresh repositories in HaikuDepot main menu to see current version.

Oh. So this bug fix didn’t even get its own version number? Yikes!

How would I go about finding this information out on my own? Taking it from “I see my issue has been closed as fixed” to “it has been released and is available” is not obvious to me, especially lacking any tagged releases or changelog.

I tried that and the version there still says 1.2.0-4…

If I go to SoftwareUpdater it does show 1.2.1-2 though!

Thanks Diver.

Yes, I was just lazy to do a proper release for this fix. I should have tho. Will remember to do that in the future then :slight_smile:

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks Diver!

Once SoftwareUpdater is working again (fails to download anything at the moment) I’ll give the new version a shot.