Desktop shortcut like windows

Do we have desktop shortcut features in Haiku?? I tried different options couldn’t do it. I tried creating a shell script with parameters, but can’t run it with mouse clicks.

For example: I want to run remote desktop. Don’t want to enter the parameters everytime. Just wint to create a desktop shortcut like windows. So that I can run it with double mouse click.

I am running it from command prompt as a shell script at the moment.

i’m sure you can make some shell scripts and put them on your desktop, just don’t forget to make them executable

Look here for example:

Just make a symbolic link from the shell script to the desktop. You can do that via the context menu in tracker if you right click on the script file, or on the command line with something like ln -s /full/path/to/ ~/Desktop

Hope that helps.

Thanks. It’s working now.

To run shell scripts in mouse clicks, you need to do the followings:

Add the first line comment as: #!/bin/sh
Then make it executable

That is it. Double click and run.

If I did not know that, I would not have been able to write the tutorial :wink: