Deskbar shutdown options inconsistent

When I hover over the deskbar ‘Shutdown’ menu, I am given two options: ‘Power off’, and ‘Restart system’. I, rather than selecting one of these, I just click on ‘Shutdown…’, I am presented with a dialog with two options (plus ‘Cancel’): ‘Restart’ and ‘Shut down’.

I would think that the wording of the two options in both the menu and the dialog should be the same.

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I think maybe I am a bit confused about how changes to Haiku work. Am I supposed to wait for ‘someone’ to say “Yes, this should be fixed. You can do it if you want”, or should I just go ahead and fix it and submit the commit for review?

(I am also waiting on advice for a change to MediaPlayer - ticket #8843. I assume the answer here would also apply to that?)

Well, the forum isn’t a bug tracker.
For the first thing, you should open a ticket. The difference in wording might be intentional to ease translations. If it happens that it is not, you could propose a patch in your ticket.
For the second thing, propose a patch in the ticket.
When they are relevant, patches are reviewed in Gerrit. Once corrections are made they are usually merged if nothing is blocking.
If you plan to contribute more have a look at development page of Haiku website.

Thanks for the information. I will do as you suggest.

I think this makes sense and tou can send a patch. I guess if no one has anything to say, itws ok to ma%e the change, otherwise people would be explaining why it should stay how it is.

We can discuss wether it should be “Shut down” or “Power off”, but you can make a decision and I don’t think I have any arguments either way.

No need for a bugtracker ticket, you can send the change for review directly on Gerrit

Thanks, but I’ve already created a ticket (#18667).