Deskbar Should Autorestart On Crash

The Deskbar application is vital to the usage of Haiku. Without it, it is almost impossible to do anything. When it randomly crashes (as it did for me), one must search the filesystem for the application to restart it (for those who do not know, /boot/system/Deskbar). Haiku should detect when it crashes and automatically restart it.

P.S. New to Haiku. It is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work.

You can restart Deskbar and Tracker by Control+Command+DEL keys. If Deskbar will restart on crash it can crash again(bad shelf replicant for example).

Yep, like x512 said (clicking the “Restart desktop” button) or, more elegantly maybe, install a ProcessController Replicant under the Deskbar (move it to another corner temporarily). If Deskbar (or Tracker) isn’t running anymore, there’s a “Restart Deskbar/Tracker” entry in ProcessController’s context menu. PC is also nice for conjuring up a Terminal when needed.