Deskbar logo change 'operation not allowed'

I’ve changed the Deskbar logo in Alpha 4.1 but in the nightly I get this:

~/Desktop> xres -o /boot/system/Deskbar deskbar.rsrc
Error: Failed to open output file “/boot/system/Deskbar”: Operation not allowed

Making Deskbar writable through command+I doesnt work. Can I make it allowable with some chmod command perhaps? If so, what exactly do I type?

The deskbar is now part of the haiku package… in my case:

In order to patch the deskbar, one would need to unzip the package, patch the file, and re- package the file then place it in the package folder. I don’t think you can do that while booted from the same install, I could be mistaken.

Good luck!

Actually the right “way” would be to create a “own” Deskbar package wich you place in home/packages and then to blacklist the sytem deskbar - with this setup the change should be also available when you install a new nightly on this partition.
For blacklisting look here:

How do you repackage?

It sounds like it’s not permanent though.

The .hpkg has the .Packageinfo file included.

Take a look at:

Modify the instructions to fit the package.

Actually you are not the first one:

This would give you a an interesting read :).

I can’t do it.

I don’t know if it’s good or dangerous for a user to be able to easily patch the Deskbar but for me it was always one of the marvels of BeOS relative to other OSes. I miss the approachability and I’ve lost one of the little joys.