Deluxe CD box set

Hello everybody,

I saw the official Haiku, Inc. box set is just a normal DVD box. Is it maybe a good idea to produce a specially shaped deluxe box set, with stickers, flyers, posters and all that? I think the OpenBSD box set is cool because of that, but far too expensive. If you manage to make a deluxe box set without pricing it as high as 50 euros, I think you will sell a lot more CD’s


We may be selling more, but if we price it too low we’re going to sell them at a loss. Stickers, flyers and posters must be designed (someone has to spend time on that), printed, packaged inside the box, and so on. These costs add up and with the small volumes we’re dealing with, it’s not worth the effort.

We may reconsider this for the R1 release, but a deluxe box for an alpha release doesn’t really make sense.

I would agree that the time for a box set would be at full release, also with as big a push as possible in the media. A full release box set could have a ‘collector value’ if it can get enough media coverage.