Dell Latitude X1 - dream laptop for Haiku

To all of you looking for a real hardware to run Haiku on, I can fully recommend Dell Latitude X1.
Every single component of this machine runs out of the box after Haiku installation (except SD and CF card readers of course).
This tiny 12" laptop features 1.1GHz Pentium M processor, Intel 915GM graphics card, 30 or 60 GB HDD, 1.280 MB RAM (maximum), Broadcom NetXtreme 5751 Gigabit Ethernet, MiniPCI slot for Wi-Fi card (mine uses Broadcom BCM4318) and weights only 1.14 kg! Did I mention that it is fanless which makes him a perfect choice for silence lovers? I have no idea about the prices of this equipment - but should be cheaper than any new netbook currently available - and its 12" screen and full size keyboard makes him much more comfortable in use. I am a total greenhorn when it comes to Haiku experience - but after installation I felt almost like a Mac user - everything works… no problems at all (however I have no idea how to setup wireless networking - but both network cards are detected and visible in Network preferences). Well, that’s it - I just wanted to share my experience with running Haiku on real hardware. Haiku seems to fit perfectly this amazing little piece of hardware.

P.S. This post was created under WebPositive of course… :slight_smile:

provided that you wifi is not encrypted, just set both interfaces to dhcp, and it will connect to the strongest signal. :slight_smile:

unfortunately encryption is still not implemented (but will come this year hopefully)

btw, does the video work in vesa mode?



I have three Dell laptops (each a different CPi model), a Compaq desktop I rescued from the local dump, a A-Bit dual Celeron PC, a PIII machine given to me by a fr iend and a Toshiba NB205.

And on none of them did I have problems using SD cards or CF cards with Haiku Alpha/1. I suggest you check the BIOS settings. And don’t forget that some machines (like my Compaq) has the SD and CF interfaces running thru the USB chips, so check the USB settings too.

No - the graphics uses native ‘intel extreme series’ driver. The screen resolution is 1280x768 and 32-bit color depth.

The only problem which I noticed is crashing media server - I have no idea if it is related to ICH6 integrated audio chip or something else. It crashes only when I start Media preferences. Playing divx files with sound is just fine…

Btw - does Haiku support Firewire? I can see its properties in Media preferences panel… It was not there when I was experimenting with R1alpha1 release some time ago (I am on yesterdays gcc4 nightly build now).

My wireless network is unencrypted (I use MAC filtering method) - I have to check it right now!

Earl, I just assumed it is not working… but to be honest I did not put any SD or CF card into the slots (I simply don’t have any of those cards). But if my Dell is not different from your ones - it would mean that Dell X1 is 100% supported by Haiku. Lucky me!

I don’t know about the latitude, but every experience that I have had with Dell has been bad, especially customer service. A ‘professional computer hardware man thingy’ told me that they use really cheap and nasty components. So, I would not recommend it. Also, I despise laptops, except when absolutely necessary. Nothing can replace a good old desktop with a nice big case. So easy to disassemble.

Wireless Broadcom BCM4318 working too. I have had no idea that Huiku is so good in supporting the real hardware…