Dell Latitude D400 hardware support

Because i don´t want to break my existing Windows 7 setup if Haiku is not going to run, i want to ask how ´big´ is the change that Haiku runs well on this hardware:

Dell Latitude D400
Pentium M 755 (2.0GHz)
1x512MB DDR-266 SO-DIMM
Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (i know that’s not working yet)
Broadcom 570x Gigabit Ethernet
Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
SigmaTel C-Major Audio
Intel 8280 1DB/DBM USB Controller
Texas Instruments PCI-7510 CardBus Controller (PCMCIA)
Conexant D480 MDC V.92 Modem
SMSC Fast Infrared
Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 Compliant Host Controller (Firewire 400)
Intel 82801DBM Ultra ATA Storage Controller

I’d like to use it for a while as a desktop OS as much as possible.
I wonder if there is a VirtualBox build (or another emu where i can run Windows XP and/or Ubuntu in) for Haiku?
Also i’d like to know is there is an RDP (like mstsc) and SSH (like PuTTy) client so i can connect to my servers.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: oh and if you guys need betatesters, i want to if needed :slight_smile: i have lots of different hardware (old hardware also, but also recent systems, dual xeon workstations, lots of dell laptops, etc) around here.

Edit: added more specs

Well the hardware looks pretty standard the modem probably isn’t supported

you could just boot up the livecd to see what works you could also boot from usb which might work better since it has writeback enabled

I don’t see any reason why haiku would messup windows 7 unless you ran the installer or bootmanager or corrupted NTFS (you can mount it readonly and it should be fine)

Also notice this is an alpha release not for production use just for testing out and developer use for porting apps but if if works 100% for you great :slight_smile:

Oh i was not scared it would messup the Windows 7 install, but i will replace the Windows 7 install if i’m sure it works :wink:

I worked with BeOS a lot in the past, and i’ve tried Haiku a few times so i’ll give it a try as main os on that laptop for a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, the modem is not used/needed so i will try the livecd (did not know that existed).

Haiku is definitely not ready for every-day use. Keep Windows 7 installed (or switch to Linux :P)
That hardware is fairly normal so you have a decent chance of Haiku running on it. If you have a high speed USB key (not a generic office use one) then you can install Haiku to the key and that way you don’t have to worry about Windows being broken by Haiku.

Unfortunately there is no virtualization program in Haiku… I would love to see VirtualBox in Haiku some day.

Ah well i’m just going to try then, livecd first :slight_smile:

I’m used to working on OS’es that are not finished i think. Running Seven beta’s, SkyOS/ReactOS sometimes and now going to try Haiku :wink: