Dell G7 Laptop

Hello Haiku people!

I put Haiku-OS on my Dell G7 laptop. It is about 3 years old or so, but still considered fairly modern (10th Gen Core i7, 12 cores, GeForce RTX, blah, blah, blah). I can report that Haiku runs GREAT on it, with just one tiny exception: it doesn’t know that it’s a laptop.

Since it doesn’t know it’s a laptop, I don’t get any battery management and certainly am not seeing any energy saving going on - it seems to just crank at full tilt from boot to shutdown. So, on battery, it doesn’t last long at all.

Is there something I missed during install? Can I, should I, fix this?

Thank you and great work to all those who work on this OS!

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If you can’t resolve this in the OS, you may be able to manually set power saving options in the BIOS, if you only/mainly use it for Haiku. I actually did the same for BeOS and Haiku on my laptop, so it would run at 2ghz instead of 600mhz when on battery.

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Just open the power status replicant. If a battery is detected you can install it in deskbar.

Other than that there isn’t much haiku can do for power saving currently, apart from the low power/ low latency witch is already available in processcontroller in the deskbar

Please check the CPU frequency in ActivityMonitor when idling.