Dell All-in-One Stuck on Blank Desktop with Centered Cursor

Exactly what the title says

Yes, but this information easily gets buried in the forum. Therefore, please open a bug report at and don´t forget to include a few more details on the hardware and what exactly happens.

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What @BlueSky said (with a further link on how to report bugs).

Also, please make use of the Troubleshooting guide, along with the “safe mode” options the boot loader (that page also has a Troubleshooting section!).

For example, on my Atom N450 based netbook, I sometimes get that frozen blue desktop with the cursor at center and nothing else. If I disable SMP from the bootloader (or more permanently from the kernel settings file), the issue goes away.

You might need to experiment a bit to see what works/breaks.

Good luck!


Disabling SMP worked


Looks like a deadlock that should not happen, so it may be worth the bug report even if you have a workaround. Include the syslog of a working and non-working boot, and see if you can access KDL by Alt-SysReq-D. If your keyboard works there it should be possible to know what is stuck and get backtraces of processes.

Interesting. I have an Intel Atom rig too. The screen works fine, but it freezes after five minutes of internet activity, Disabling SMP cured it, if you don’t mind running Haiku like it’s 1999.

if you don’t mind running Haiku like it’s 1999.

Eh… at least for my Atom N450, that only has 1 SLOW core and the second is just HyperThreading… I don’t notice much difference, really :slight_smile:. Coupled with not being able to extract more info from when it “hangs” (as @madmax rightfully suggests), made me just permanently disabled SMP on the thing, and don’t worry too much about it. We can’t win all “battles” :smiley:

Edit: more worried about the lack of frequency scaling on that thing, really. I hope to one day learn enough as to be able to add some “acpi_cpufreq” driver to that poor thing :smiley: (same for my Phenom).

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