DDR modules boot issue

I could not boot anymore haiku lately; found that the issue is linked to 2nd DDR module I installed.

1 DDR 32Gb module → boot
1 DDR 32 Gb + 1 DDR 8 Gb → hang in boot splash screen

Has anyone experienced such issue ?

Any clue where (in kernel / boot) to check for a patch ?

I’d check if the 8Gb alone boots, to know if it is that particular module causing the problem or something else.
I’d also try to find when it starts happening. By this I mean which hrev started to show the problem, and which was the last working. If you didn’t wipe previous states, that’s when they become really handy.
Then collect syslogs and open a ticket on Trac with syslog, detailed infos, etc. Not only, it shouldn’t hang but, if it wasn’t before it is a regression.

Might be a motherboard restriction, especially if it’s an old one.

Are the modules identical, i.e. simm or dimm(?).

no issue w other OSes - no hw issue
I tried beta 4 and some nightlies after
I was not experiencing such issue before I installed additional 8gb - today I removed it and got it working again

For a moment I thought there was a problem with East Germany :man_facepalming:t3:

It’s not the best to use different kind of DDRs as they have different timings, but they should generally work unless those timings are set manuallly in bios (though I don’t know if recent mobos allow this). Have you tried booting only with the one with 8 GB?
How many Ram channels does the mobo have?

If this works with other OS then it is a bug in Haiku. please open a ticket at https://dev.haiku-os.org