Date Picker

I’m trying to add a DatePicker to an application. I got the hint, that there is a CalendarView.
I’d like to start the discussion, what could a DatePicker/ TimePicker looks like and what should be able to do with it, and how the integration into the API could be done.
I think it would be quite useful and time saving for developers having access to a DatePicker and a TimePicker.


hi Flo,
drag’n drop or right click on the calendar app to copy and paste?!
Is this what you mean?

No, I mean, if there are plans to create an DatePicker and/or TImePicker like there are a lot available on other OS and in the web. If apps need that user can input a date, there could be a nice DatePicker helpful. Would be great if someone has an idea as a mockups (to start the discussion). The DatePicker in Preferences->Time could be something to start with …

we should just recommend people to use and contribute to libwalter

The calendar in preferences->time is also used in Deskbar clock popup and a few other places. It is available as BCalendar in the shared kit and can be used by other applications already.

For time there isn’t anything specific yet. We just didn’t really need it in any app so far except Time preferences and so the code has not been extracted from there.

Hi Mandy, do you mean BCalendarView?