Date of the web pages


I wanted to note that it is better to date the web pages. I sent the link to a friend with the hint to test this version:

Then came the query: When is the news from?

As an example a screenshot.

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We use Hugo for our website, so all our pages are actually dated, just that for some pages we havenโ€™t configured the date to show. But yes, this is a good idea - we can have the date the page was last updated display for pages like this.

This is a question of usability, or user interface.
For example, if a user comes to a haiku page via a google link because he was looking for information, the user wants to know how โ€œoldโ€ the info is.

It will be no problem to tell the CMS via the template when the information was written into the database or when the change was made.

have fun!


Iโ€™ve just created a ticket on our bug tracker here: - any status updates on this will be posted there.

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