Dark Icon Theme (WIP)

Good day @PulkoMandy,

Thanks for the explanation here. It’s clear now. I wrote that down so I won’t forget! :laughing:

You have already told me on IRC that I should use addattr for the folders so since then I do that, the test was just a test to see if there was any difference there using both methods, and because my experience with Icon-O-Matic and icons on Haiku has been somewhat… mmmm… different?:
1- I first used Icon-O-Matic and save the file as NameOfIcon
2- Then I thought that Icon-O-Matic’s default filetype was HVIF, so I started saving icons as NameOfIcon.hvif
3- Then I decided to create an icon for LibreOffice, so I did, and I saved it as LibreOffice.hvif, directly from Icon-O-Matic, no export
4- When uploading to Haikuports, I think was @humdinger who told me that Icon-O-Matic files are IOM, to save them as HVIF I should export them
5- Then I started to name Icon-O-Matic files as NameOfIcon.iom. HVIF exports as NameOfIcon.hvif. RDEF exports as NameOfIcon.rdef.
6- And rename all icons done before, from NameOfIcon.hvif to NameOfIcon.iom
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I certainly won’t forget about all these, though I think Haiku needs better documentation, or at least easier and inviting for newbies like myself :dizzy_face:

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To be fair, the IOM page of the Userguide does explain the different Save/Export options.


Good day @humdinger,

That’s why the switch. If not, I would get to Haiku now and then and forget about that stuff again and again… and again… and again… aaaaand agaaaaaaain… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Good day,

Finally, little by little… The already made icons are available as IOM (Icon-O-Matic) files for anyone to play around with (more will be added as soon as I make them and if I don’t break anything with Git):

Also doing some cleaning and arranging everything… hopefully something good will come out of this.