DanO Installation

Looking for assistance on installing Dan0
I have zipped dano_51dO which creates beos Image file.
I was able to burn to file but CD is unrecognized in 5.03.
Is Dano just an Install or require special install procedures.

5.1d0 installer CD was never bootable on its own and required a boot floppy.


Wow, i was able to Install using the native BeOS 5.03 Installer. Worked like a charm.

I was trying to see if my new (used) laptop Dell 5150 would install Beos/Max/Zeta…and it does… able to multiboot.

On a side note, I installed BeOSMax4.1 and mistakenly installed Dano on top of Max using Native Max Installer and it worked! So it came out as Hyrid of Max and Dano.

This is not a so amazing as you think, because BeOS Max is nothing more as a user based version of BeOS R5 and DanO is the unreleased (leaked) version ov BeOS before the system is dieing. So the installer is on all systems the same.

some one try to compile the new things from haiku for the old beos?

In the early days it was possible, but i think it is not possible anymore.

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Some years ago I backported our “screenmode” tool so I could set custom resolutions on my BeOS machine.

However, Haiku has come a long way with locale kit, layout UI, and many, many enhancements to API all over the place (even for such a simple tool as screenmode, I had to remove use of new APIs in BString).

It is about the same level of difficulty as getting a modern Windows app to run on Windows 98. Not impossible, but also not worth the effort.

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Hi, @Larry!

How do you installed Dano on top of Max? I have, Max running in a virtual machine and would like to try DanO installation.

Do you bother to share your steps?

Thanks in advance!