D620 Sigmatel audio not working

Hey every fellow user!

I have a problem with the OS (r1 beta1). I have installed the system on a dell latitude d620, which has sigmatel audio hardware. The system installed the hda driver for me, but no luck. I have no sound on the speaker, neither on the jack out. Is there a possible way to get the audio working? And I would favor the terminal commands for it. Thanks!

Try opensound on 32 bit. For more info use the search in the forum.

I cannot get opensound to install. Do you have a tutorial or should I look up the whole forum?

Hello. There are the instructions:

Look at the Applications menu, for the HaikuDepot app. Launch it and search for Opensound in the search box. After it appears, just click on the Install button.

If the search don’t get any packages found, just make sure that the option “only featured packages” is NOT active.