Customizing touchpad actions

I want to know if it is possible to customize touchpad actions. Right now the defaults are: vertical edge scroll, tap to click, double tap to double click, and tap and drag to drag. I am missing right click and middle click configurations and this makes using most of the software a little difficult to use (sometimes ctrl+click works as a right click but it doesn’t on some apps such as WebPositive). On Linux I can use synclient (this is a Synaptics touchpad) to change the TapButton# options and I have made a two fingers tap be a right click and a three fingers tap be a middle click, I could not find such options in the touchpad configuration, is it possible to change this from somewhere else? A configuration file or a command?


Unfortunately, most of this is hardcoded into our driver. We could add support for the things you suggest (right and middle clicks), but it needs some changes to the code. Feel free to make a bugreport at so we don’t forget about it.

Thank you, I didn’t know it was hardcoded, I’ll make a bug report.


This is the first time I submit a ticket, I hope I didn’t mess up anything. If I did please let me know and I’ll correct my mistakes. I reported it as an enhancement instead of a bug because the touchpad driver works as expected (so I don’t think it is a bug) but it would be nice to make it configurable.

For future tickets: It’s always a good idea to mention which revision (hrev) you were testing (see “About Haiku” in the Deskbar). Also, the fields “priority” and “keywords” are usually left blank by the ticket reporter, they can be filled by Haiku dev.
Otherwise, looks good, thanks for the ticket! :slight_smile:

For more general info what data might come in handy (esp. if it’s a hardware issue), there’s the “Using the tracker” chapter in the wiki.


Thank you, I should pay more attention next time.

By the way I was using rev 50559 (sorry for the double reply, I can’t edit my older comment, the edit button does not appear in WebPositive).

I think it’s one one of those webfont icons. You can install FontAwesome with HaikuDepot and it should work.


Thank you, it was that.