Custom build on Linux

I built custom image according to this page:

After this I try to boot Haiku on VMware Player but always get this:

PXE-E53: No boot filename received.
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
Operating system not found.

Any suggestions?

Hi neutrino,

I don’t use VMs much and haven’t compiled on Linux for years… do they work with raw images (I assume you’ve built raw)? Maybe try an anyboot or iso instead.


Hello neutrino,

as it seems, your VMwarePlayer tries to boot from a network resource (and didn’t found a suitable boot image).

So what kinda image have you build?
An anyboot or CD image should boot as expected.
So maybe you should check the settings of your VMware-Player, maybe it is wrong configured and tries only to boot from a network resource and not from a disc-image.

Have you build a netboot image then i fear it is a little bit trickier. Last time i saw HAIKU-OS being able to PXE boot (network boot) was around 2008 or so. I’m not a developer but because from what i’ve seen at the recent couple of weeks of the changes of the HAIKU-OS sourcecode i don’t expect the system to boot from a working PXE server.


PLEASE correct me if i’m wrong! I would like it a lot if i could boot HAIKU-OS from a (my) PXE server.

Well, I assume that raw image is the one I have built.
What should I change to build anyboot or ISO image?

I used this jam command:
jam -q -j2 @image

Hi neutrino.

According to the article you linked to, you’ve built a “basic raw Haiku disk image”. In the DefaultBuildProfiles you find all the pre-defined profiles. I suggest you try either
jam -qj2 @nightly-vmware
jam -qj2 @nightly-anyboot
jam -qj2 @nightly-cd.


Thank you, this is exactly what is was looking for :slight_smile: