Current VVVVVV fails to start

While attempting to update the VVVVVV Haiku package, I found out that it would crash soon after starting. When trying to run the standalone executable after compiling upstream, this is the terminal output:

Base directory: /boot/home/config/settings/VVVVVV/
Save directory: /boot/home/config/settings/VVVVVV/saves/
Level directory: /boot/home/config/settings/VVVVVV/levels/
gamecontrollerdb.txt not found!
Unlocking BLocker with sem 2175627 from wrong thread 98232, current holder 98234 (see issue #6400).
GalliumContext: CreateScreen: Using llvmpipe (LLVM 7.0, 128 bits) driver.
                888888    8888    88
                888888    8888    88
                888888            88
                88888888        8888
                8888  88888888  8888
                8888  88888888  8888
                    8888    8888    
                  888888    888888  
                  888888    888888  
                  888888    888888  
Quick Save Not Found
Teleporter Save Not Found
Unable to open file mmmmmm.vvv
The complete reloaded file size: 61651755
data/music/0levelcomplete.ogg unpacked
data/music/1pushingonwards.ogg unpacked
data/music/2positiveforce.ogg unpacked
data/music/3potentialforanything.ogg unpacked
data/music/4passionforexploring.ogg unpacked
data/music/5intermission.ogg unpacked
data/music/6presentingvvvvvv.ogg unpacked
data/music/7gamecomplete.ogg unpacked
data/music/8predestinedfate.ogg unpacked
data/music/9positiveforcereversed.ogg unpacked
data/music/10popularpotpourri.ogg unpacked
data/music/11pipedream.ogg unpacked
data/music/12pressurecooker.ogg unpacked
data/music/13pacedenergy.ogg unpacked
data/music/14piercingthesky.ogg unpacked
data/music/predestinedfatefinallevel.ogg unpacked
no renderer found! 
Kill Thread

Unfortunately, I’ve little knowledge on debugging in Haiku. Anyone have any ideas on what could be preventing the game from finding a renderer?

Also if there’s enough time, I could try to still update the package up to the last working upstream commit.

Try installing the mesa_llvmpipe package (or whatever it is now named.)

Closest thing that I could find is mesa-swpipe, yet it’s already active.

Been working with upstream on this issue and it turns out to be related to the recently added VSync graphical option. The game now builds and runs, however turning on VSync causes the game to crash and refuse to work until its folder in ~/config/settings/ is deleted.

There is a recipe here with the package updated to 2.3:

However, I will hold off on updating the recipe in HaikuPorts until VSync will be disabled for Haiku upstream (as mentioned in the GitHub issue).

Just as a notice to anyone who may be playing this game on 32-bit Haiku, upstream doesn’t run on x86 anymore (but it still builds). Until this is no longer the case, the VVVVVV package/recipe may become 64-bit only in the future.

The PR for an updated recipe can be found here:

2.0 still runs on 32bit, so that recipe should be kept in the repository, I replied to the PR how to change (disable) the build for 32bit