I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Esc by accident. The screen turns black and i cannot recover the Haiku desktop.
Ctrl-Alt-del does nothing. Safe mode works. But i don’t know what to do in order to get back to normal operation.
It would be nice if someone could help me.

You found the shortcut to reset the screen to a fallback mode. For me it changed to 800x600x16bit. You should be able to set your former resolution in the Screen preferences.

That makes sense. But how do i change the resolution back. There is only a black screen. In safe mode with video safe mode i can only change the vesa resolution.
Note: i have a supported Radeon card.
Do i miss something obvious?

Hmm… maybe by deleting ~/config/settings/system/app_server/workspaces?

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That did the trick!
Thank you very much for your help.

Great! Glad to be of help.

Hello humdinger! Deleting that file also fixed an issue with my graphic card not detected correctly (an Intel GMA one).

I owe you a beer! :beer:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

This shows again: it’s not a bad idea to sometimes install Haiku from scratch, without updating/installing over an existing one, thereby removing all old user settings.

Just for information, I added a SHIFT to that key combo to avoid accidental triggering. Doing nothing should revert after 10 seconds, as does pressing ESC.

i like this change very much because i hit Ctrl-Alt-Esc several times.
Its a habit from OS X where CMD-Alt-Esc is the vulcan grip.

You should’ve said something before, or filed an enhancement ticket. Of course that’s no guarantee things will be changed or change soon, but it’ll increase your odds. :slight_smile: