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hi guys, how they will use the haiku natively on my desktop for a long time and use daily even suggested to family and friends the system, by the way in my house has two PCs and the two are installed haiku and never had big problems using always bildies the night … so without further ado my doubt is this the suggestion of my wife want to create a blog with videos and tutorials on the haiku (I’ve read the terms of use of the logo and name but did not understand anything, he he h) you could help me with me about it, that’s how I can use the haikutotal nom or all-day haiku as blog name .grato for your help and patience

As far as i unterstand
You are Not allowed to promote your software under the Haiku logo
Or make a distribution but if you use the haikulogo and Link to
It should Be ok… As i unterstand the trademark text:

Do not care to use any name for my blog just I want to show (just wanted to help the elders to not make silly he he he) it is possible to use haiku in daily life and provide some applications I’ve been working for the same .
Thanks for listening.

So as i understnad this text about trademark and logo it should be totally fine as long as the logo links to :wink: … so looking forward for this blog :slight_smile:

Sorry i dont understand what seginte is and what is the problem with paladin.
I would like to help but i first need to understand the problem :smiley:

hello paradoxon once again stealing your time this time my problem is not the blog but interfere in the project is the seginte … well … my paladin is reporting an error with the could help me

Paladin needs to be updated to support some changes made to Haiku. For instance it complains that it can’t find libroot and other libraries. It will also only compiles for GCC2 since setarch x86 replaced the old GCC variable.

One work-around is to build your project in Paladin, then export as a Makefile, correct the libraries in the Makefile. Then you can use PalEdit for editing, and use make for builds.