Creative Commons Tutorials about Haiku Development


Is there some creatives commons (CC BY/CC BY-SA) licenced Tutorials about Haiku Development (or in the Public Domain) That can I use, modify, share,…?

Thanks for reply.


The “learning to program with haiku” / “programming with haiku” books by Jon Yoder: GitHub - theclue/programming-with-haiku: Learning to program with Haiku and Programming with Haiku books is under the CC BY-NC-SA license (Jon retains the right for commercial exploitation of his version, which you can buy as a printed book).


I have DarkWyrm’s “Learning to Program with Haiku” book. I got through most of it but never completed all of the chapters.


Thanks I search a tutorial with a license that allow commercial use if I modify or translate the work. And I don’t find a tutorial about Haiku associed with this kind of license. I have in mind CC BY/CC BY-SA/Public Domain.

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If you feel confident about your knowledge about it, you could write one by yourself and help the community that is not currently able to code.

I’m not capable of writing a Gui application for Haiku without any source to rely on. The few resources I have is the previously mentioned books and commercial use is not permitted.