Creative approaches to coding

This is a good creative approach to coding from the web:

"Writing Code from Scratch

  1. Write down clearly what the code should do
  2. Sketch it out – on paper and in pseudocode (human language)
  3. Translate each step into code one line at a time
  4. Iterate - refine the code to make it more efficient"

Does anyone have any other approaches?

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Well yes, the layer cake approach is a bit idealistic. In the real world we have the sherry trifle approach

  1. Steal the 100 lines or so of code that do the actual work.
  2. Start adding UI elements at random
  3. IF (stuck) LAUNCH StackOverflow
  4. When the UI elements start interfering with one another, call it a release.
  5. Immediately stop working on this and start on a completely different project.



Maybe there’s a meringue approach as well:

  1. Get some old, formless legacy code.
  2. Apply a hot new coding style to create a firm wrapper.
  3. Release it as a piece of solid object-oriented software for the OS.