Creating bootable ISO from existing BeOS Pro5 hd install?

Hi all,
Sorry if this isn’t directly Haiku related, but it is indirectly.
My old BeOS Pro 5 installation disc I bought from Purplus 10 years ago is hopelessly deteriorated, and I can’t find any more to purchase that aren’t extremely expensive. I have been using the BeOS Max editions, but they are buggy. I recently discovered an old harddrive which I had installed the BeOS Pro on, and it works great in the computer… much better than the MaxPE3b or 4b editions! Is there a way I can back up that installation to a bootable CD so I can re-install BeOS Pro 5 in the event my only existing installation gets corrupted? I’d like to be able to install it to any computer, not the same one, so I’m not even sure if it’s possible to do what I’d like, since the existing installation is obviously set up for the specific hardware of the computer.

I have no idea of the legality of this, so if it’s breaking the law then it’s off limits. I just don’t want to lose the original BeOS Pro 5 I bought, now that I rediscovered it, in the event my harddrive crashes or if completely it up when installing new software. I certainly don’t dare to try the USBpatch to get it to see USB flash drives, until I’ve backed it up somehow.
Thanks for any info


Easiest way to back up your installation is to get a compatible HDD, hook it up to you BeOS system, set up BFS volume and copy existing installation to a new disk. Pro includes all necessary tools.