Creating an Haiku LiveCD


Firstly, sorry for my bad english, I’m from Brazil :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an Newbie in the Haiku Universe, but I’ve downloaded the system and saw that’s very fast and stable. So, I’m trying to build an Haiku Live-CD for showing it to the people :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried using GRUB, but, without success. I saw on some forums that the CD need to use an floppy boot image as the first track, and the second track the system itself. But, where can I find this image? I’m using Linux now.

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Daniel Sader (TheComputerGuy)

Ignore any old “LiveCD” info you find…in the recent weeks, the livecd has changed drastically.

You can now build one from sources using:

jam -q haiku-cd

which will create an iso file that can be burned directly to a CD. There’s no longer a need for dual-tracks as there is an fs overlay that allows haiku to boot from iso9660 directly.

Is there any way of doing this in Windows?



During the time it will take you to setup cygwin and compile Haiku, You’d already have a virtual machine with linux going, sources downloaded, haiku built, and haiku running…

seriously, it’s that bad.

I believe you. Could you elaborate please? Sort of from Windows to Haiku on Linux virtual machine in 10 (or whatever) steps?

Well install VirtualBox
install a distro you like in Virtualbox (Archlinux, Debian and Ubuntu in order of adventurousness)
Basically remember to enable intel-vt support in VirtualBox and add the linux iso to the virtual cd drive to boot initially and install to the virtual HD you should have created (10gb should be enough). Then remove the iso from the virtual drive and reboot. You should have Linux installed at this point. You should figure out how to transfer files from Windows to Linux I haven’t tried that so can’t help much. I am pretty sure can mount USB drives inside the VM once you enable that features

You don’t really need to install a desktop version of Linux in Virtualbox to do build haiku so Archlinux or Debian without installing desktop packages would probably require the least HD space

install the required tools pacman -S build-tools iirc on arch similar on Debian and friends
those are detailed here
and here (read prerequisite software first)

Remember if you have a dual core cpu you and attempt to build haiku with multiple jobs it will fail if you haven’t done an initial build first for instance haiku -q haiku-cd after the first build you can do haiku -j3 -q haiku-cd

Linux in Virtualbox may seem a bit involved at first but its better than cygwin

Rather than attempting to build your own LiveCD, why not just grab one of the alpha candidate builds, or wait for the official alpha release coming up next weekend…

The original thread here was many months ago, and we do actually provide iso’s now :slight_smile:

cb88. I knew I was being optimistic when I wrote “10 steps”, but this will no doubt keep me busy for a rainy week (or two). However it seems like a good plan maybe a good alternative to struggling with a bunch of partitions like I do now. Will let you know when I get stuck :slight_smile:

Urias. Yes, Haiku may very well be in beta by the time I get finished with this!

@Lennart one upside is you can build images with your own set of installed packages

you could grab the raw disk images and boot from USB even before the CD images were out

and I enjoy building and trying out my own builds too… heh


The original thread here was many months ago, and we do actually provide iso’s now :)[/quote]


read here on LINK: haikuware

Please wait for the Alpha release coming out in the next 7 to 10 days time.

No need to try Pre-Alpha & then download Alpha afterwords with the first Alpha just around the corner - about to come out. Regards,

Thanks for the advice. I can’t believe its finally coming.