Creating a Win9x Boot disk


I Have a old computer. This computer should have SATA support. But I can’t get it to work. So I want to update the BIOS and see if it will start working.

To do this I need a Win98 boot disk. The only computer I own with a floppy drive is running haiku.

So my question: is it possible to download a boot disk image online and create a boot disk in haiku?

I think the floppy driver is broken on haiku Pc_floppy does not work - #15 by CodeforEvolution

Yes the code has been dropped because of a missing module to enumerate the controllers. It should be possible to use ACPI tables to find them though. Just nobody looked a it yet.

A pc that old might not have ACPI?

Maybe try borrowing an old pc from a friend, neighbour or local library to create a bootdisk?

Or is PXE Network booting an option?


He wants create windows 98 boot disk, i think he needs FreeDOS, i dont know if is posible to update BIOS(computer firmware not BeOS) from FreeDOS directly but some companies like HP sell preinstalled computers with FreeDOS and with support for update BIOSes

I search on google

but its dangerous operation, you can brick your board

It is possible to boot FreeDos from usb.

yes is posible, their have USB,CD version and is posible after years run Win9x directly on FreeDOS, but it needs memory extender, LFN and so. on internet are recepts how do it (sry for my bad english) its posible to run OS/2 or Win3.11 too

Does the machine boot from USB ? You can download images of MSDOS/Freedos and dd them to a usb disk, or use a windows machine to create a bootable usb , either with windows internal options or rufus.

If you using a USB, please check a Rufus. When you format a USB may a choose a FreeDos files and bootable disk.

You can use this image: WinWorld: Microsoft Windows Boot Disk 98 SE and copy to diskette with dd.