Create index from Trackers Find panel

As a new user to Haiku I think it can be quite hard to understand why searching for non-indexed attributes won’t generate any hits. Do we want something like the following screenshot shows?


The wording is not great (2x volume(s)), but you get the idea.


Sounds like a reasonable enhancement to me. You may want to file a ticket at Trac. Or submit a patch to Gerrit… :slight_smile:

Thanks, I want something to play around with so I will hopefully submit a patch for this

I realized that selecting “All disks” in Find with a non-BFS partition mounted will also not search these by name or by formula, so having a patch for only missing attributes may not solve the complete issue here.

I did the implementation only as information so far, maybe this is better in a way since indexes will not be possible to add to the non-BFS partitions anyway. But I do hope for some solution where resorting to command line will not be necessary to add indexes.


If you think it worth it, I can submit a patch - once my first tiny bugfix-patch in the same area gets approved :slight_smile:

After giving it some thought, its probably better to skip non-BFS volumes from this check altogether and then proceed with the original idea to give an option to generate the index…

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