CPU is always running at allcore turbo speeds when idle

Hey guys, was wondering if the behaviour I have noticed is known/expected,
or if it might be specific to my platform (AM3+ Gigabyte mainboard, Opteron 3365 CPU),
since it never even goes back to base clock (2.3GHZ), and never boosts to singlecore turbo (3.3GHZ), but is at both idle and full load always at 2.6GHZ (allcore turbo)

I have tried all the ACPI/APM, CPU powersaving features in BIOS but it stays the same.

If powersaving is supported on another platform I would like to know since I run my PC 24/7,
and Haiku is my main(Actually only) OS for 3 months now… Power bills is a thing though :wink:

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I know that intel_pstates only supports Intel CPUs at the moment.
One would need to add an amd_pstates driver as in FreeBSD