CppCon (a C++ Conference)

Whilst doing some research for Haiku, I came across the C++ Conference, which is organised by the C++ Foundation:

Since Haiku is written in C++, we’re obviously more than welcome to participate in the conference. At the moment, the organisers are looking to hold this year’s conference at their usual venue in Aurora, Colorado in the United States but this is reliant on whether the COVID situation there improves or not. This is a great way for members of the Haiku community in the US to help out the project and get involved.

If anyone is interested, there are various talking slots one can apply for, and like past (physical) FOSDEMs we can apply for an “exhibition” space to promote Haiku:

The conference is five days long and takes place from October 24-29, so there is time to plan out/prepare for the event.


Well spotted!
The people attending this conference are presumably just the sort of people who might be able to join our development team.
If the physical conference does go ahead then a Haiku stand with Haiku demos would be a great idea. It’s one thing to have vaguely heard of Haiku’s existence, but a completely different thing to actually see it in the flesh, in all its elegant glory. Not to mention how fast it is.
To experience Haiku is to love Haiku!


move the event to Florida

Well, considering we barely use C++ features that are less than 20 years old, I’m not sure which angle a Haiku talk might take, but it could be interesting :smiley:

You could expose why instead of letting them think that it is because Haiku devs are that old. :roll_eyes: It could be away to say that you need fresh blood to go further. :smiley: