Cover CD

Not sure if anyone on the project is aware of this yet but PC Plus in the UK has a “Beyond Windows” article and associated Cover disk in its July issue. I know and appreciate the projects attitude to people creating installs for the wider public so not sure how the inclusion of Haiku will be received. PC Plus has always had a eye on the BeOS scene (in fact it was one of their cover disk’s which lead to my purchase of 4.5)

Included OS’s
FreeDOS 1
JNode 0.2.6
KolibriOS 0.7.1
MikeOS 1.3
Plan 9 Fourth Edition
ReactOS 0.3.4
Syllable Desktop 0.6.5
Visopsys 0.69

It also includes VirtualBox 1.5.6 and QEMU 0.9 to allow people to test out the OS images.