Could someone fix litebrowser?

I found GitHub - litehtml/litehtml: Fast and lightweight HTML/CSS rendering engine and GitHub - adamfowleruk/litebrowser-haiku: litehtml litebrowser implementation for Haiku,
I can get the container_haiku impemetation to compile by adding #include <cstdint> to litehtml/include/litehtml/os_types.h,
But the browser implemenation (litebrowser-haiku) won’t compile because it uses private network APIs that have changed since the code was written.
I want to have this working mostly out of interest, but I also think this, as a lightweight Haiku-native browser engine, could be a good fit for the email client.

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I was just thinking about trying to compile litehtml few days ago, as I played with a thought of writing a native Haiku app to replace Zeal (as I can’t stand that hanging modal window that shows on all workspaces on top of other apps if you try to update / download new docsets), and as Webkit api is not available outside WebPositive, I thought to use litehtml. This is just a really quick and dirty compilation fix, networking doesn’t seem to work and it’s 5am here so I am not going to try to find the documentation for older libnetservices right now. But it compiles and runs and renders local web pages.

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You can use it, it’s just not well documented and may change with haikuwebkit releases (but there wasn’t any changes in a while since no one is working on improving WebPositive at the moment).

We also have the NetSurf libraries that can be used, but I don’t know how easy it is for a complete HTML rendering solution (that is, how much of it is implemented in the NetSurf app and needs to be redone in each app).

I was working on that a while ago and able to fix it very much like @ilzu did. But in order to make it work well it would require a complete rewrite of the Haiku part. Adam’s repo is outdated and works only with an old specific version of litehtml because the API has drastically changed as of now.
My 2 cents: it would be better to spend one’s time on WebPositive or to a lesser extent NetSurf.

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AFAIK it works with the latest litehtml.
After the #include <cstdint> in os_types.h, container_haiku will compile fine, the only problems are with litebrowser-haiku.

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Ok, I fixed Cmake for the private netservices header and lib. Added fix for os_types.h. Seems to fix the build.

You can follow the build style of HaikuWebkit (i.e. Jam file) using netservices.

I’m using Haiku R1B4 x64 (hrev56578+95) which we use to build or fix most of the legacy software builds.

Migrating litebrowser to netservices2?? Still experimental at the moment…

You may want to read up on this part of: HTTP Network Services Preview in R1 Beta 4 | Haiku Project (

" Legacy Network Services Kit

The legacy network services kit is still bundled with Haiku, though with Haiku R1 beta 4 it is no longer part of The headers can still be found in /boot/system/develop/headers/private/netservices and the library to link to is libnetservices.a. Note that in a lot of cases, applications will also have to link against libshared.a, due to a separate change where symbols of static libraries are hidden in the operating-system supplied shared libraries."



Could someone create a litebrowser HPKG as well, and distribute it via HaikuDepot ?
I interested in any HTML browser on Haiku


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Kristall Have gopher/gemini but also simple http/s

Yepp, I have that already installed -
I reecognized as useful for gemini protocol as I tried out with a simple url and it wanted to look for as a
gemini://[the url I pasted here]

So I counted as a Gemini browser, as it states about itself in Depot as well.

Now I cannot test it, as I have a general issue in Haiku R1B4 64bit install – I have …

0x7f8566610170	0x252c6b2c5c	llvm::object_creator<_GLOBAL__N_1::CommandLineParser>::call() + 0x4c

This includes Kristall as well, as you can see from above added line of Kristall’s crash report.

I was written these issues in posts of “BFS health issue …” in the forum.

Anyway, thanks for your info - I would test if it works … in case a healthy Haiku I would have … again.