Could not install, "resolution of 1368 by 768 recommended but I already had this resolution!

Hi, tried to install Haiku, but got window, constantly moving, saying

something like “resolution of 1368 by 768 recommmended”, I could not do a
thing, later I checked my resolution, and it was exactly that! What went
wrong / any suggestions? Thanks, Michael

That’s your monitor saying that, not Haiku

When you checked your resolution, I imagine you checked it in Windows?

You can pick a safe mode resolution in Haiku’s bootloader (hit space as it starts to load, unless this has changed). Anything below 1368x768 should work fine.

I just did a search of the Haiku Development Trac and you can see that there are several tickets similar to your issue. Determine which is closest to your situation and leave a comment on it. You will need to register if you have not already done so. There is information on reporting hardware bugs at the bottom of the Reporting Bugs wiki page. That info will help to the devs to figure out the issue.

Hope this helps.