Could big browsers be brought over with VMs?

I’m sorry when my comment/idea about hacking a more capable browser via x11 from Linux.
My intention was not at all to dismiss your work and all the time you put into Haiku and in this discussion especially web+.
Even though I am just recently using Haiku a little bit (again + been using beos a lot) and am in this discussion board only recently, I’ve got that you’re the one who’s doing most of the work on web+ and I appreciate that, thank you for all that effort!
If I would have the time to learn how to apply patches and keep up with upstream webkit I’d look into that, however I simply don’t have the time. At this point I’m “just a user”.
Web+ is already great and I don’t have the expectation from a non major OS to have a top notch most recent browser or Firefox or blink engine based running. Browsers are indeed crazy complex systems by now and it would be simply insanely disrespectful to assume such an existence at this point.

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Thanks… but I’m officially giving up on this idea; when I thought of this idea I really didn’t think of Web+ and all you’ve poured into it, or how it might be seen. And to everyone, sorry for whatever commotion this thread has caused… please know my idea wasn’t to hurt anything but was rather to try to solve something I thought might be useful.

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Maybe you could try it before you give up on this. It is not guaranteed those irgs will ever attempt the port, but maybe somebody from their dev group seeks new experiences. You never know.

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yes. i think you right @brunobastardi … i alyways use web+ on haiku… not other browser…
big thanks to @PulkoMandy

Good day @apgreimann,

If you want to do it, do it. @3dEyes got X11 apps running on Haiku ( X11 support for Haiku), and a stripped down linux distro could do too (mind the performance of the VM).

Whichever way you pick, go for it. The biggest asset you’ll need is time. I always complain about knowledge and time, though the real constraint here is time. “Knowledge, you can get it, time, you have it” and it’s usually limited.

As it’s a big project, better get some friends to help you. Better if they don’t think like you.

If you have an idea, go for it. Don’t need to ask permission. :wink:


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The first user to contact them will get nowhere, sure. But maybe the 100th or 1000th user to ask them will make them think “mh… maybe we should do something since a 1000 users have asked for it already”. And we will never reach 1000 if we don’t go through 1, 2, 3, and all the other numbers first.

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