Cotton Squares "new" Tunes (Reposted with new dl link)

After digging through “The Wayback Machine” at I found 40 new Cotton Square tunes!

If you were around in the Be days, you probably remember The Cotton Squares- a band made up of BeOS engineers and their songs were shipped with R5

“The Cotton Squares are a Menlo Park, CA-based rock and roll quartet featuring singer/guitarist Baron Arnold, rhythm guitarist Doug Wright, bassist (and occasional guitar soloist) Jeff Bush, and drummer Ficus Kirkpatrick.”
Here’s a link


Is there an update to this? Maybe it could be uploaded on so it doesn’t have to maintained by you/the community :slight_smile:

I found the zip file on BeShare.

How do I access BeShare? Is that like SoulSeek or LimeWire? I don’t have Haiku or BeOS. Honestly, I only joined this forum because I’m a fan of The Cotton Squares. But if I need to emulate it or install it to get the .zip file I’m down :).

Unrelated: does anyone remember The Cotton Squares fan-site? It was on the internet around 2018 and it disappeared, I can’t even find it on the Internet Archive.


Dear @faketuxedo ,

With Google Search onto “The Cotton Squares band”,
I still could find this Zip file - above -
( possibly where it was originally found by first poster, who just shared the content in the Dropbox place as it was more direct/faster way, in that time, in the past, by his/her idea, however lesser reliable for future forum browser ones :)) )
so re-archiving is not needed.

Moreover, as it was the second hit, after a similar post to this forum topic, from @shaka444, just from 2018 (!!)
This one is actually from 2021.

As a bordering frame, this forum post - originally from 2021- is the 3rd hit.


and on YT, if you would just listen without further registrastion and other annoying stuff

Thank you for your replies. However, I already have access to the aforementioned .zip file.
shaka444 mentioned there was:

in his Dropbox archive.

Perhaps this file is still floating around somewhere. I appreciate your help though!

There’s a Windows/Linux BeShare client. It is old, but still works (I tried it 2/3 weeks ago under Win10 64 bits)…

It is called “Unizone”. Some links:

Edit: Just used Unizone to find the .zip. You can use the “Archive->Search” menu item, and search for *Cotton Squares*. The file is named: The Cotton Squares Collection - Virtual Void and other BeOS songs and It has a file size of 157.23 MB (has 48 MP3 files in it).

Not sure if its contents differ from @shaka444’s, thou.

Edit 2: just in case, the server you need to connect to is:

Edit 3: After seeing, seems that, yes… the archive on BeShare is the one with the “new” songs :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you so much. That folder is being uploaded on as I am typing. Also, I found the old fan club site and the official website for The Cotton Squares on Tragically, the section entitled “I Slept With The Cotton Squares!” on the fan site is not archived and we may never know the secrets it beholds.

“Fan Club”

The Cotton Squares

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For future reference, here is the aforementioned .zip file on Hopefully this is the same file @shaka444 mentioned.

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I just shared the files again on Telegram Haiku channel and on BeShare
Look for

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Link to files on telegram

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