Core libcrypto update (missing functions) [Ignore this]

Hi again!

I’m working in trying to port a new software to haiku (now it’s very hacky) and i cannot link its openssl dependency because missing functions on the 32bit rc iso’s libcrypto.

Some of the missing functions i found:


Is there a way to get an updated version or a workaround to have new libcrypto functions? (my apologies if this is common knowledge, been digging around all day this code and i may be blind about libraries :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hello, I can’t help you with those, but I just curious to know if you plan to use sha1 for anything touching security even remotely. That would be inadvisable, considering that:

Since 2005 SHA-1 has not been considered secure against well-funded opponents, and since 2010 many organizations have recommended its replacement by SHA-2 or SHA-3. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla have all announced that their respective browsers will stop accepting SHA-1 SSL certificates by 2017.

I dont plan to use them, its a dependency function for openssl methods in the makefile (even if they are not going to be used).

So, security level doesnt matter much in this case.