Copying Files with the Tracker from Terminal

There is also another Question I have:

Is there a Way to copy some Files/Directories at the Terminal with the Tracker instead of using the “cp” command? Maybe with the “hey” Command?

And sorry for the Lack of my Comunication Skills.

You can use copyattr, a system specific command, to copy files raw data (with -d arg) and extended attributes, standard cp won’t copy them

This might have changed quite some while ago, but at least today, cp does copy attributes as well. Just tried it by copying a Bookmark file. The copy has all the attributes like META:url and META:title.

Question remains, what do you want to achive by making Tracker copy files, @WynterSkai ?
I suspect there might be a misunderstanding and you actually mean dropping a file from Tracker into Terminal to copy it to the Terminal’s current working directory, or vice-versa.
If so, there’s no way AFAIK. You could just enter open . in Terminal to open the current location in a Tracker window and drag’n’drop files to/from there.

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Doesn’t tracker copy files in the background with a progress window? That seems like a possible reason.

Well, it is really strange behaviour of executing copies within terminal using not cp command.

If you would avoid using commands in terminal window, for example you are hating typing and remembering command attributes, flags … than a better choice if you use there
a two panel file manager, like mc, aka Midnight Commander.

pkgman install mc

however BeFar also existing

pkgman install befar

Otherwise as you mentioned hey, I can imagine only one another reason to asked this strange stuff …
you want to write shell script or other kind of script, and you want to call Tracker from terminal to have GUI surface during run of your script.

In that case your question was really complicated formulating and we should forgive your comm skills :smiley:

If your question is easier to ask on your mother language, you can use it.
There is a category : International, and you can use your language in this category. It is just asked to add prefix your language in the title, like
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you can get answer on your native language.

Like @nephele says copying with Tracker has a Progress Bar, a Pause Button, etc. It could save me some Work but it’s ok if this is not possible.

Thank you for the help.

So I’ve dug a bit in trackers code, it looks like the function that initiates a copy is FSDuplicate

It seems to be only called from PoseView once when dragging files.

Perhaps someone could hook this up to a BMessage received from outside

I see, so you would like to have a progress bar and pause , etc , in terminal as well.

It might have done by someone, earlier, even for BeOS.
Recently I found some interesting BeOS/Haiku development projects on a personal site - givin’ from one member for another – HERE

I had not browsed all of them, you may find some interesting there.
There was a GUI program called Gadgeter - it may for you or not.
Or help to get an idea, as there sources available as well.

Or some other member here writes to you : I have ready what you want …

Anything is possible these days -

Kudos !