Contributing to the wiki

  1. If you like Haiku (if not, then why visit this page)
  2. If you have knowledge or experience with Haiku, Computers, or BeOS
  3. If you speak, write, and spell in a language (no fake languages please)

. . . Then contributing to the wiki is for you!

If you hadn’t noticed, the Haiku project’s website is well — sparse. Contributing to the wiki generates content foruse there or on an updated version of the main site (or both if they become one-in-the-same).

You should see a refreshed more Haiku look in the interim between now and the time the wiki is upgraded to Mediawiki 1.6.7 (it is currently at 1.3.x) and hopefully a whole new look after the upgrade. Either way, your content will be put to good use.

You forgot the link. :wink:

We have a suggested layout at:

Please don’t write long stories. Get to the point very quickly. The FAQ can be considered finished. Please don’t add useless stuff to it. The other pages must still be created/rewritten or polished.

The biggest tasks are:

  • end-user documentation (maybe
  • Haiku Book (Haiku’s BeBook, API documentation)
  • tutorials for developers
    They don’t necessarily belong to website work, but writing in general. The website itself will consist of rather short texts. We don’t want an overloaded website.

Waldemar Kornewald

wkornew wrote:
. . . . Please don't write long stories. . . . .

At the same time, being terse is not productive. People looking for information on Haiku want to be able to read about Haiku, but they may not want to know the complex architecture of the kernel when reading an introduction to Haiku’s basic operation. Use your better judgement, write what you can, and don’t be offended if others trim/edit/add to what you wrote.

Why is the wiki not multilingual?
I want to translate the whole content to german :slight_smile:

tombhadAC wrote:
Why is the wiki not multilingual? I want to translate the whole content to german :)

At the moment, the future of the site is being discussed on the haiku-web mailing list ( ), and while it’s accepted that we need multi-language support, it’s not a priority because of resources (too few and busy people, etc).

You’re more than welcome to translate pages on the Wiki by creating pages with native names (Getting Haiku in german, etc), cloning the format (we’d love to keep the look the same), linking them together, and then adding a link on the Main_Page to the german ‘site’. It’s the best method we have until things are decided, and then we’ll have the pages ready to use. The current state of the Wiki is in flux aswell, so be sure you understand the work involved maintaining pages :slight_smile: