Contributing and decision-making

Not necessarily. There are hosting services available:

If the admins really don’t have the time to fully manage a Matrix homeserver, then these are alternative options.

I guess we had a slight misunderstanding here.

The idea was for the discord channel to help reach a new and younger crowd and to communicate about tasks outside of software development because that is where the young’uns congregate nowadays.

Those inclined to help in developing the OS would migrate from discord to IRC or the mailing list or Trac or the forum for technical discussions, of course.

But I’m not the best person to talk about discord as I only use it twice a week to have RPG videoconferencing sessions.

Yes, I understand that, but who is going to do the outreach there? If it’s only the marketing team and the devs are not there, what’s the point?

I don’t think having a Discord channel that none of us visits is of any help. It takes some community management to do these things. So, at best we would be building a separate community that has different ideas about Haiku. This is not going to work too well.

Bridging IRC with Discord is possible and can help with that. So we can all talk together. Then we’re on to something.


There is a Haiku Discord, if anyone is interested. I’d share the link, but I can’t seem to find it, anywhere.

For historical accountability and consistency from July 2003 - June 2020:

  • Procure the Y2017-Y2019 annual Board meeting reports
  • Procure the Y2011-Y2016 annual financial reports.
  • Procure the Y2013-Y2020 annual budget reports.

We need a better way for Haiku, Inc to discuss things, maybe a chat system. This needs private channels as well as public. Or maybe this forum is fine for public updates and we keep email discussions for private communications?

  • haiku-inc public mailing list and this forum keeps it simple in relation to historical documentation, searchability, and accountability. Recently, some IRC chat logs were lost in certain transitions so retain important business documentation and discussions in-house (i.e. within your own private infrastructure) from those external systems (i.e. any systems/services not controlled by Haiku Inc.).
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I like @win8linux and @PulkoMandy’s ideas of having bridges from Discord connected to either IRC or Matrix. Whether we need another service such as Matrix is dependent on whether we as a community or the Inc. need a space to hold virtual online meetings. Otherwise, the current platforms for communication are fine.

As @MrEntropy has helpfully pointed out there is an existing Discord server for Haiku which we can reuse:
Discord Server
For the convenience of everyone else, we will probably need to improve the server by adding bridges to IRC (and Matrix if we need such a service), moderation bots and perhaps setting up some server rules (no swearing, spamming, “flaming”, etc.)

There weren’t meetings or budgets for these years (we have no requirements to do those) and we cannot backfill the financial reports because we can’t go that far back in the bank records. At least not online. I certainly won’t be creating those reports, if someone else wants to try to I could see what data I can find, but I don’t think there is much point.

Thank you. Hopefully, we can nail this concern as a closed issue now… :slightly_smiling_face:

NOTE: Legally, keeping only 3-5 years of financial record keeping is sufficient.

Just tried the link to the Discord server and it’s invalid. I also found another link posted on the forums and that’s invalid too. If you know of any other servers, please let me know.

I use Discord for some other open source projects, and I do like it, but maybe for now the simplest thing is to just use what we have and not complicate things. I’ll try to put more updates about Haiku, Inc stuff on the website or here.


I think the person who was running the Discord server decided to close it without warning.

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Quaternion is available.


I don’t know if there are others, but the one I’m on, the person who started it handed control over to someone else so it’s still going.

The links in the forums are probably bad because they default to being live 24 hours. You have to specify a longer time if you want it. Again, I would post a link to it, but everywhere that should have a link, doesn’t show an option to get one.

Talk about a great way to reach to new people! An app that not even the people already using it can figure how to join :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s a settings issue. The other channels I’m on have the option to invite people, just not the Haiku one. Maybe it’s the ‘level’ of user I am. I don’t know why someone would want to limit that, but that’s the way it goes, sometimes.

Hm? The Discord server is still up and running, it’s operated by @rjzak now. This appears to be the current invite link: Haiku Community


I took it over to prevent it being shut down. If there’s any issues, please let me know (and be patient, I’m new to Discord).


@rjzak I feel like we could get rid of some of the channels: for example, the pinboard channel hasn’t been used much, posting in Hardware Contest Entries is only limited to certain users (and again, it hasn’t been used much).

The Frost bot doesn’t seem to serve much purpose other than a conversation bot, and I don’t think that’s a good reason to keep it. If you look at its dedicated channel, Frost-chat, people are asking very weird questions and I’m not too sure we need those.

Finally, I have been talking about linking IRC, mailing lists and possibly this forum with the Discord. I’ve found bots and integrations which I’ve posted in the server-feedback channel.

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I inherited it, and I agree it has a lot of fluff which has nothing to do with Haiku and serves no purpose. I’ll talk to Kleadron about removing those items. He’s still in the server and might have some thoughts.

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If the decision is made to move forward on the Matrix front, I can get the project assistance in getting it set up and bridged to all the places (irc, telegram, etc). The FM Radio show i produce has had the Matrix founder on before, and we are on good terms with him, he helped us work through a few issues we ran into, and has always been willing to answer any questions we’ve had for them.
If it’s decided to base on something else, no worries, just offering to help.