Contract weekly report #52 - On to beta1! | Haiku Project


This week I continued work on moving Beta1 forward, fixing some important and less important bugs. To make things clear about what to expect in the upcoming weeks, I will spend more time on Beta1 tasks, but I’ll also continue working on WebKit. However, my work there will focus on fixing bugs, rather than adding new features. So, this week I continued reviewing the beta1 and R1 tickets. There were still some low hanging fruits that I solved last friday and during the weekend. I fixed the docbook toolchain we still use to build the Haiku Interface Guidelines. This was broken for a long time because it uses an old copy of libxml in the Haiku tree. What I did is merging a patch there to make it work with a current zlib, so things work again. We should probably get rid of the whole thing and require people willing to build the documentation to install docbook on their system - which is easy now, even on Haiku as I did packages for that. It would be nice to see some activity on updating the HIG again. It’s getting old and we have changed our rules a bit over time to accomodate for larger and higher resolution displays, and modernize the UI a bit. We have also drifted away from BeOS in some subtle aspects. And the HIG could be made more easily browsable and styled to the Haiku theme like the user guide or API docs are. For the record an HTML version is online here:

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