Confusion about declaring some deps in recipes

While working on some recipes, I’ve run into some confusion around declaring certain dependencies. Haikuporter would either error out saying that a dependency cannot be found or that it may not be compatible for the host machine, despite the dep’s recipe indicating that it is.

Here’s one for Pioneer Space Sim, in particular assimp/libassimp:

Now here’s the recipe for that dep:

All of the names in PROVIDES and PROVIDES_devel results in either of the previously mentioned outcomes in Haikuporter.

Originally thought that maybe it was just this one dep that is being problematic, until after trying to make a XMRig recipe:

This time, it is libuv and Haikuporter would just not be able to find the dep using anything from PROVIDES and PROVIDES_devel:

No idea how else to proceed from here and I’d like for someone to explain where I or something else went wrong, as this is all just befuddling.

The assimp package provides lib:libassimp, not the one you declared (lib:assimp).
Read the haikuports wiki and the examples.
Also make sure the required packages installed locally (both the runtime and the devel package).

I’ve tried all that already and the same results still occur. Maybe I’ll try reinstalling the deps, I guess? Not sure if that’ll do anything, but it’s worth a shot perhaps.

Update: Reinstalling the deps somehow fixed the issues. Don’t understand how that could happen, but at least I can continue working on recipes now.

Maybe add “cmd:pkg_config$secondaryArchSuffix” to the recipe?

Already have, but just haven’t pushed it to GitHub yet. Been thinking about whether to make PRs to Haikuports for these recipes or not, since I’ve begun to encounter unfamiliar compilation problems.

In some cases the packages defining their requiments wrong so checking the pkg-config output outside of hp can help.

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Didn’t check, but this is a cmake build, doesn’t always rely on pkg-config, but never hurts to try :slight_smile: