Compiling Haiku on Linux

HI! I am participating in this year’s Google Code-in contest. I have the task of getting Haiku compiled. I have compiled Haiku for x86_64 target, but it halts in the booting process. I have configured it using this command:
../configure --build-cross-tools x86_64 ../../buildtools

and built an anyboot image using this command:

jam -q -j4 @anyboot-image

I got a haiku-boot-cd.iso but the build process finished with this message:

...failed updating 1 target(s)...
...skipped 8 target(s)...
...updated 5670 target(s)...

Here is the screenshot of halting:

I haven’t used much IRC before and having some trouble getting connected with #haiku channel.


While I’m not sure this doesn’t work, usually the build profile is:
jam -q -j2 @nightly-anyboot

The build process failed. When successful, you should have a haiku-anyboot.iso in your ‘generated’ folder. I suppose the boot-cd.iso is only the bootloader, so it kinda works, but stops when it doesn’t find the actual OS to load.:slight_smile:

We’d need the output with the actual failure to see what went wrong. I haven’t built Haiku from Linux in half a decade, so am probably not much use though…

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@humdinger Thank you so much for your reply! I figured out that my build was failing because my fork didn’t have this change. Now I can confirm that @anyboot-image target works.


Nice. It was even my own typo that broke your build… Sorry about that. :blush: