Compile vs Make question (newb)

I am at the very early stages of teaching myself C++ and was playing around with the source code to BookmarkConverter (which is already in HaikuDepot btw).
I noticed that if I use make it produces the program as expected. However if I pass the cpp files using g++ manually it errors out saying it can’t find Json.h.
Could someone explain this to me please?

Is json.h generated by a script? Also, it may be in another header directory requiring a -I directive (that’s an uppercase i).

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If it is, then it is not within the source or make files. There no other directory.

In the Makefile you’ll see this line:

SYSTEM_INCLUDE_PATHS = /system/develop/headers/private/shared

You’ll find a Json.h in that directory. You’ll need to add that include path as SamuraiCrow said.